Window seat

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of having a window seat.  First in my parent’s house and then in my future house.  I was obsessed with little nooks and hidden staircases and mystery.  I can’t see a way to incorporate a hidden staircase in my house, but I have the perfect place for a window seat.  I have wanted to put a window seat in this area since the day we moved in, 11 years ago.

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Valentine’s Decor

Valentine's decor

I am not super crazy about Valentine’s day.  I don’t expect anything from the hubs (he thinks it is a made up holiday by greeting card companies) but I love the chance to add a little pink to my decor for a few weeks.  My daughter was born on February 1st and I had a Valentine’s banner up in my hospital room (doesn’t everyone decorate their hospital room when they have a baby?) and I always like to have that up by February 1st to remind me of when she was born.  I don’t go too overboard on Valentine’s decor, I just add a few touches to the dining room and sitting area and that is about it.  Just enough to be festive, not enough to be crazy;)

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Bench Revive

bench revive

Last summer, I picked up a discarded base to a bench that was going into the trash.  I knew that I could revive it somehow.  And who doesn’t need spare benches around the house?  Anyone else pick up “junk” in order give it new life only to have it end up as your new junk?  Guilty here!  I totally get how picking up trash with all the good intentions in the world can come back to bite you if you don’t actually have the time or energy to get around to reviving it.  This base sat in my garage for the rest of the summer and until the first week in November before I got around to cutting a wooden top for it and then sat around until January until I decided on how to upholster the top.  Here are the details for my bench revive.

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DIY Juju Hat

DIY juju hat

There are a handful of Instagram accounts I follow that have Juju hats featured frequently.  This is not a new trend but it is speaking to me right now so I decided I needed to try my hand at a DIY juju hat.  If you type in Juju hat on Pinterest, you will get loads great pictures on how people have decorated with Juju hats.  From bedrooms to entryways to over fireplace mantels, they fit in just about anywhere.  

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Kid Room Organization

kid room organization

Some people find January a bit depressing.  The excitement of the holidays are over and you are most likely exhausted (and several pounds heavier).  On top of that, it is dark and cold and the winter months are likely to stretch on until almost April (at least here in Wisconsin).  But I actually look forward to January.  I look forward to the fresh start of a new year full of possibilities and experiences.  I look forward to simplifying and getting my house cleaned up and organizing all.the.things.  Toys are typically on the top of the list for organizing in my house this time of year.  My son’s birthday is at the end of November and with Christmas only a month after that, there is a major influx of toys (and kids clothes).   So I decided to show you how I deal with some of this influx of stuff by showing you some of my kid room organization details.

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