Christmas kids’ rooms

Christmas kids' rooms

The kid’s bedrooms were the first place I started decorating for Christmas this year.  I don’t know about you but usually the bedrooms are the last place I decorate.  They were more of an afterthought than purposeful.  Last year, they both had a small tinsel tree with twinkle lights.  This year, I decided to add some faux garlands (sounds better than fake, right?) more twinkle lights.  And red!  Because red equals Christmas, right?  So all the bedrooms got a bit of red infused in them but I am going to share our Christmas kids’ rooms today.

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2017 Advent Calendar + printable


Hey!  I took a little blogging break as we were busy having a super fun fall!  It has been jam packed with activity but we had  I have the week off and I have been working on getting the house Christmas ready.  We will be doing an advent calendar again this year and I wanted to show you where I put it and how I put it up.  I am also going to link to the free printable that I created last year (which I used again this year).  Without further ado, here is my 2017 advent calendar + printable.

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Chalkboard Moon Tutorial

chalkboard moon tutorial

Today I am sharing how I made my chalkboard moon over our buffet for our upcoming Halloween party.  I saw a chalkboard moon on Pinterest but then when I clicked on it, it led me to a site that no longer existed.  So I did a little more in depth chalkboard moon tutorial here.

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Halloween Party Decor

Halloween decor

As a child, Halloween was magical (even in the rain/sleet/snow that seemed to be inevitable in late October in WI in the 1980s).  I almost always dressed up as a witch or a ballerina.  Except for 2 years:  one in which I was Cyndi Lauper and the other I was “the daughter from Beetlejuice” (I was in 4th grade and I am positive no one had a clue who I was).  I am pretty sure my brother dressed up as a vampire 8 years straight.  So I guess we were not the most adventurous in our costume choices.  Which was probably pretty annoying for my mom since Halloween is her favorite holiday.  I bet she would have loved hunting down the perfect pieces for new costumes every year!  She always decorated our house for Halloween.  I always loved to see what Halloween decor she was going to come up with each year.

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Down syndrome awareness

Did you know that October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month?  There is a very good chance that if I didn’t know Kaiti and Harper, I would not know this.  But I do know Kaiti and Harper.  So I am very aware of this.  I went to high school with Kaiti and we played hockey together.  But we didn’t really become close friends (and eventual business partners) until after we graduated from college and when we started having kids.  I remember when she told me that her baby might have Down syndrome.  And then I remember waiting and waiting and waiting to hear from her the day she had her 20 week ultrasound with Harper.  I remember her response.  And I remember mine.  Ever since then, Down syndrome has been a regular part of my life.

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