Fabric take along house- boy version

fabric take along house- boy version

I had this fabric take along house done for months and gave it to my son for Christmas but never got around to sharing this on the blog.  I made a girl version for a friend’s daughter (which you can see here) and another similar one for my daughter for Christmas.  Pinterest has so many girl versions to gather ideas for but it was almost impossible to find examples for a boy version, unless you wanted to make a barn.  No worries, I got you covered;).

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Big(ger) Boy Room

boy room

As you may remember from my last post, we have decided to get rid of the crib in my daughter’s room and give her the twin bed from my son’s room.  I wanted to get a queen bed for his room so we have more options for when we have guests.  Cue the mini boy room makeover.  (Side note, never tell your 5 year old boy you bought him a “queen bed” as he will be mortified and say, “But I’m a boy!!!”  It will lead you to needing to have 10 minute conversation about bed sizes and names and he will still be dubious.  Just tell him you bought him a “big boy bed.”)

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DIY Floral art and the giveaway winner!

pallet project

Did you ever decide to do a project and somehow it snowballs into a way bigger project with like 14 satellite projects?  Well, that is me right now.   I was am super excited to get my daughter’s room redone but that entails moving the bed from my son’s room and buying him a new bed which lead to needing to make a new headboard for his bed and while I am at it, maybe I should just go ahead and change out the trim in those rooms.  And I finally decided EXACTLY what I am going to do to our entry closet to make it much more user friendly so why not get going on that, too?   See?  I am almost to the point of project paralysis because I have so many ideas and things I want to do that my brain can’t seem to focus on organizing my activity and I am having a hard time getting anything done.  Almost.

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Lularoe Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy here.

Do you like clothes?  Great, you are in the right place today!  I love clothes.  Especially soft, comfy clothes.  But soft, comfy and stylish clothes?  Well, that sounds almost too good to be true.  But, its not!  

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Yarn Art

yarn art

I am seriously so excited to make over my daughter’s room.  The possibilities are endless for what I can do, even for a very small room.  As usual, I was browsing Pinterest for ideas and I came across many ideas using yarn pom poms.  I was drawn to one yarn art in particular that used a branch with yarn pom poms tied to it.  I decided to make my own version.  Here is the final product.

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