Girl room gallery wall

gallery wall

As you know from previous posts, I got rid of the crib in my daughter’s room and have been working to convert it to a toddler room.  You can see the inspiration board here.  I have been working on some other art projects for her room.  You and see these projects here and here.  In addition to those projects, I have painted the room, replaced the skinny oak trim with 1x4s painted white, painted the closet doors, set up the new twin bed, got new bedding and created a girl room gallery wall over the bed.

This was my first stab at the girl room gallery wall…

IMG_2471And it was perfectly fine, but it did not have enough color for me.  I needed some color on the wall to tie to the quilt I made.  I found the free “Let’s go on an ADVENTURE” printable here and knew I NEEDED to use it in the gallery wall.  The colors are so fun!  And everything else fanned out from there.

gallery wall, girl roomI found the “You are capable of more than you know…” free printable here. And I found the free “S” printable wall, girl room

Yes, I am completely obsessed with printables now that I have an actual working printer!  And, just in case you were living in the stone ages like me and did not realize that the new printers are wireless and you don’t need to physically connect your computer to your printer with a USB cord every time you print, I will tell you that printers are now wireless and you can literally press print from your iPhone or computer while you are lounging on the couch and your image or document will spit out of your printer in your kitchen cabinet!  Its like magic!  I have had my printer for several months now and this continues to blow my mind!  Moving on.

sydgallery gallery wall, girl roomI had everything else I used on this wall on hand already with exception of the angel wings which I bought recently at Hobby Lobby.  The lace and gold banner I made for her golden (1st) birthday.  The hangers holding some of the printables are just some wooden hangers (you can find similar ones here) that I glued some glittery gold craft paper to the fronts.

I will move out a bit and give you a bit more of a reference of where this girl room gallery wall is in relation to the bed.

girl room gallery wallShe took to the twin bed IMMEDIATELY!  Sometimes you win at parenthood, although it is rare!  I remember transitioning my son to a twin bed and we had a bit of a rough week in the beginning.  So far, I have not found her in the kitchen rifling through the candy and shoving 6 pieces in her mouth when she heard us coming down the stairs.  But we are still pretty early in this big girl bed phase.  I am confident by Halloween she will be raiding the kitchen candy in the night and wee hours of the morning with her brother;)  More of this room to come in the next few weeks!


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