Girl Room Beddy’s Bedding

Beddy's Bedding

Disclosure:  The Beddy’s Bedding I am reviewing was not free but I did get a discount.  I am receiving no compensation for this product review and all opinions are 100% my own.

I reviewed the boy room Beddy’s Bedding here.  Today, I will show you the girl room Beddy’s bedding that we got for my daughter’s room.  I was seriously crushing on the Chic White set and it is very popular.  So I decided to try the Vintage Blush II.

syd room8 Beddy's Bedding

We have been using these for a few more weeks and they have gone through one more washing and continue to look and feel great!  The kids can even MAKE THEIR OWN BEDS.  Yes, I am shouting this because it is AMAZING!  For a chronic tidier (freely admit it), this is huge!

Beddy's Bedding

These zippers are found on each side of the  bedding.  They unzip to reveal an adorable pink polka dot sheet.

Beddy's BeddingBeddy's bedding
This bedding is adorable and it is the perfect base for the gallery wall to shine above it!  I honestly never thought that I would fall for pink in her room but the girl wants pink so I gave in.  I won’t do character bedding, but I try to incorporate some of the colors they love.syd room1syd room2
syd room

The twin version of Beddy’s Bedding comes with one sham and on pillow case.

This room is pretty close to being done. There was a major headboard debacle. I have the most beautiful iron headboard that my dad repaired and painted black only to find that once we got it here, it was one of those one and a half twin headboards. Too big for a twin, too small for a full. Grrrrr. No worries, I just tacked up some chalkboard paper with some decorative upholstery tacks for now until I can get my son’s old headboard down from the garage rafters and spray paint it black.  Regardless of the headboard, we LOVE our Beddy’s Bedding!  (PS- they have a 15% off special going right now, but it ends today)

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