Fall Window Seat Update


One of my favorite spaces in our house is our window seat that I designed and my dad built.  The window seat was installed in March so I have not gotten to change it up for fall or Christmas.  Until now.  It is mid-August and there is a slight chill in the air in the evenings here in WI (despite it still being grossly humid during the day).  Naturally, the bin of faux pumpkins, fall pillow covers and wheat were whispering my name.  Plus, I like to switch things up a lot and I was getting bored with looking at summer version of the window seat.  It was time for a fall window seat update. 

Here was what the summer window seat version looked like:


In my dream world, I would be able to go out and by tons of new decor pieces every season so I could change up my seasonal color scheme.  But I don’t live in that dream world so I shopped my house for different pillows and textures.  I remembered I had a bunch of faux leather that I ordered a while back for a different project. I knew it would be great to use for some pillow covers for fall.  But I had to get a little creative because if I made a simple pillow cover, it would look like, well, a faux leather pillow cover.  You know what I mean?  Before I show you my fall window seat update, I will show you a quick no-sew faux leather pillow cover tutorial.  I literally took me about 20 minutes and I spent $0.

Here is what you will need:

fall window seat update

-faux leather

-stapler and staples



I just used an old decorative pillow I had laying around.

First, I cut the faux leather into about 2″ strips making sure they were long enough to wrap around the pillow.  (My strips were approximately 2″.  I in no way actually measured them.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.)

Then I wrapped strips around the pillow, faux leather side facing in, and stapled the strips together like so.

Once you have all the strips on and stapled, remove the strips, turn them right side out and slide them back onto the pillow.  Here is what it will look like from the front.

And what the back will look like.

fallwindowseatupdate (Yes, this is one of those projects that you don’t think will turn out at all because it looks terrible until it is done.  Lots of people would give up and abandon ship before completing the project.  I am here to tell you KEEP GOING!)

The next step is to weave the longer pieces through the pieces already around the pillow.


Once you have weaved the longer pieces around the pillow, trim the excess leather.  Then staple the ends together making sure to hide the staples behind a strip of faux leather.

Here is what it will look like when you only have one strip left to weave.

Once you have weaved all the strips and secured it, make sure that all seams and staples are hidden and you are done!  Here it is on my fall window seat!


I think it turned out perfect!  And it was FREE!  The dark grey pillows came with our new living room sofa and the embroidered pillows were moved here from our basement bonus room.


I found one of my faux fur rugs and threw it on the bench cushion to layer in some cozy texture.  The blanket is from Ikea and I moved it from the settee in our bedroom.

fall window seat update

And the window seat is subtly fall!

fall window seat update

Oh, and I moved my owl family from the living room to the window ledge.  Because they needed a little change too;)

fall window seat update

Hope you like the fall window seat update (and you don’t hate me because I am decorating for fall in August)!

fall window seat update

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