DIY Modern Trivet

DIY modern trivet

Yes, I am still here:)  I have taken a little blog break to enjoy the summer and boy have we ever been enjoying the summer!  And if I am really honest, I have not been feeling the most creative and motivated lately.   But I am trying to get back into my groove.  And what better way to tap into some creativity than with a little DIY modern trivet.  

DIY modern trivet

This is actually a project that we did for a recent Craftshop event.  It is easily in my top 3 for favorite Craftshop projects!  Seriously so easy and fun!

Where is what you will need:

-wood- I used an 1″ X 6″ board cut down to 6″ sections

-sand paper

-stain- I used a mix of Minwax grey (2/3) and Minwax dark walnut (1/3)

-craft paint


-Miter saw- to cut the wood

-tape and/or stencils

-clear cabinet bumpers- 4 per trivet

First, cut down your wood to size.  Again, I cut my 1″ X 6″ board into 6″ sections.

DIY modern trivet

Then you will sand the edges.  I used my orbital sander but you could use a piece of sand paper.

Once the sanding is done and you wipe the wood to remove the dust, apply your stain with a foam brush or a cloth, then wipe the stain off with a clean cloth.

I let my stain dry for 24 hours.  Next, I applied the “feet” which are just clear self-adhesive cabinet bumpers.  You simply place one in each corner of the bottom of your trivet.

DIY modern trivet

Then, turn your trivet right side up.  Now you need to decide on your design.  We used a combination of taped lines and small modern stencils (Wal-mart) and craft paint.  This is where you can have fun and use your creativity (or copy mine)!

Let the paint dry for several hours and you are done!  (If you don’t like the way your trivet looks, i.e. lines are too crisp or paint has seeped under your stencil, use some sand paper to lightly sand it and make it a bit “rustic.”)

I am a huge fan of asymmetry so I off set my honeycomb stencil instead of centering it.  But if you dig symmetry, feel free to center the stencil!

DIY modern trivet

For the other two, I used with tape and made an X on one and used tape to make a pattern on half of the trivet and then used a stencil on the other half.


DIY modern trivet

They are so easy and functional and you can really have fun with your patterns and colors!  These little DIY modern trivets are also very versatile and can be used for hot pots, candles, plants, coffee mugs, etc.

DIY modern trivet




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