DIY Juju Hat

DIY juju hat

There are a handful of Instagram accounts I follow that have Juju hats featured frequently.  This is not a new trend but it is speaking to me right now so I decided I needed to try my hand at a DIY juju hat.  If you type in Juju hat on Pinterest, you will get loads great pictures on how people have decorated with Juju hats.  From bedrooms to entryways to over fireplace mantels, they fit in just about anywhere.  




It is pretty easy to buy one off of Etsy and they run anywhere from $200-300.  The authentic ones are even more expensive.  You can also get a variety of colors.  Of course, in my DIY heart of hearts, I had to challenge myself to create my own version for as little as possible.

Here is what I used:

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DIY Juju hat


-hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


-card stock or poster paper or basket for the back

-twine for the back so you can hang it on the wall

-feathers (a genuine Juju hat uses coque feathers.  You can certainly find these and buy them by the pound, but you will pay for it)

white duck goose feather trim fringe (3 yards)

white strung bleached coque feathers (1/2 yard)

ostrich feather trim (2 yards)

Now, it is easiest to use feathers that are already strung.  This is for obvious reasons.  Who has the time to glue on individual feathers?!?  Not me!

First, I used a large embroidery hoop to trace on my poster paper.  I estimate that the hoop is about 14-16″ in diameter.  Then you cut a sliver of paper out like you are cutting out a super skinny piece of pizza.

Then, you will pull one of the edges over and hot glue it down so that you are making a large cone.  Basically, you do this so the base has some convexity and it is not completely flat.
DIY Juju hat

It is best to glue your twine to the back at this point.  I don’t have a photo of this step but you glue a small piece of twine across the back of your “cone”.

Next, you will start gluing your feathers on your circle.

DIY Juju hat

I started with 3 rows of the goose feathers.  You will want to glue the feathers on so that they curve slightly up.  I messed up on this during my first 2 rows and was too lazy to redo it.  It still turned out fine:)

I spaced out my rows  by about 1 1/2″.

DIY Juju hat

DIY juju hat

This is what it looked like after the first two rows.

After I added a third row of the goose feathers, I put one row of the coque feathers.

DIY Juju hat

At this point, I kind of started to panic.  I realized that the goose feathers really didn’t have the “look” I was hoping for next to the coque feathers.  So then this project sat like this for about 2 weeks until I decided that I was determined to make this version work.  So I ordered a string of the ostrich feathers to add between the 2nd and 3rd rows of the goose feathers.  Then I put a row of the ostrich feathers on top of the coque feathers.  (I apologize for my lack of pictures on this part of the tutorial.  I finished this project on a whim at 11:00 at night and I did not have the correct light nor the time to grab my camera and snap some pics.  Also, I was not yet convinced this would turn out at that time.)  Then I used some more goose feathers and I just bunched them up in the center and glued them down along with some more of the ostrich feathers.

And here is the final product.

I hung it on my awkward wall in my sitting area in my dining room.

Originally, I thought it would go above the fireplace but I kind of need it here because I don’t have anything else to put here right now.

So that is my version of a DIY Juju hat.  I spend about $53 on feathers.  I had everything else on hand so that was the total cost for this project.  It is definitely different than the real thing but I think it turned out pretty good for a fraction of the cost!

DIY Juju hat

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  1. This is so beautiful! I haven’t seen them around, but now i really want one. I’m thinking I can sneak one into my master bedroom. It would be perfect for a little softness in there.
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  2. Beautiful!!! This is more beautiful than any others I have seen. And sorry for all the haters on Hometalk.