DIY Industrial Sconce

DIY industrial sconce

I have been seeing some industrial sconces on Etsy and some blogger home tours lately.  Of course, I started obsessing over them which lead me to try to make my own.  I thought about putting it in my son’s room but then I opted to put it next to my large chalkboard in my dining/sitting room so I could move the lamp (that took up almost the entire table surface) in order to free up some end table top space a (for more decor, obviously).  So follow along and I will show you how easy it is to make your own DIY industrial sconce.

What you will need:

DIY industrial sconce

-wooden shelf bracket (Menards $4 or ikea)

-light kit (Menards $14.98)

-industrial type shade (Menards $16.99)

-light bulb


First, you will need to decide if you are going to leave the wooden shelf bracket raw or stain it or paint it.  Since my sconce was going to go right next to my DIY chalkboard which has a pallet wood frame, I did not want a clashing wood tone so I painted the bracket with some black craft paint.  Unfortuantely, it looked very green to me.  So I used Minwax Special Walnut stain over the bracket and wiped it off.  That took the green hue out of it and it looked more like an ebony stain.  I was happy with that so that is all I did to the bracket.

I attached the bracket to the wall with the two large screws that came with the wooden shelf bracket.  Now, I am no wiring/lighting expert, so the only way I was able to attach the cord and light to the bracket was to basically tie the light kit cording around the bracket.  After that, I attached the industrial type shade to the light kit and screwed in the light bulb and I was done!

DIY industrial sconce

The light kit I bought has a switch on it and it was a little tricky to tie the cording to the bracket and work around that.  The switch ended up on the top of the bracket.  Which is ok.

sconce4 DIY industrial sconceI think it goes perfectly there.  I am always a little surprised when projects actually turn out! Especially when I like them even more that I was expecting.DIY industrial sconce

This DIY industrial sconce would also work great in a bedroom on either side of a headboard to free up room on the surface of a nightstand.

Here is the sconce looks like with the light on.  I used a60 watt Edison bulb I had laying around.

sconce5 DIY industrial sconceFor less than $50, I was able to make an industrial sconce.  If you decide to make your own version, I would love to see it!

DIY industrial sconcesig2



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  1. I have the same wall sconce over each of my nightstands in the master bedroom. but i threaded my electrical cord through the threes wholes in the wooden sconce for a much neater look. Yes i had to remove the light socket and reattach it after i threaded the cord but it was totally worth the effert