DIY Industrial Light

DIY industrial light

I am a big fan of industrial accents.  In fact, the plan is to build a pipe and wood desk and bookshelf unit for my son’s room sometime this year.  I recently updated his room, which you can see here.  But I still wanted to switch up the lighting a bit.  Now, I love all those industrial lights out there but the problem is that they don’t always give off a whole lot of light.  So I decided to do my own DIY industrial light and it only cost me a $1!

This is was what the light fixture looked like initially.

DIY industrial light
I took it down and spray painted it to get rid of the gold.  I was going to use black, but I only had dark grey on hand from when I spray painted our shutters.  So I decided just to use that.  I put the light back up.

DIY industrial light

I picked up a simple wire hanging basket from the Dollar Tree.  I apologize but I never got a pic of what this looked like when I bought it!  Anyway, it was a black basket with a black chain and hook.  I took the chain off so I could spray paint the basket the same color as I was using over the gold on the light fixture.  The chain had some little clips that clipped the chain to the basket.  I kept the clips and one link of the chain to add to the clips.

DIY industrial light

I was too lazy to spray paint these so I left them black.  There happen to be 3 screws that hold the glass in place on the fixture and basket had 3 loops meant to attach the chain to the basket.  I put the links with the clips on the screws like so.

industrial light4

Then I clipped the basket on.

industrial light5 DIY industrial light

And I was done!  It was that easy!

Now, I realize that I happened to have a light fixture that fit that basket perfectly.  I don’t know how I got that lucky but I did.  It is better to be lucky than good, for sure!  Also, the light fixture would look way better with some smooth glass and I may try to pick up a smooth glass replacement for it the next time I am at the hardware store but for now, this is perfect!

DIY industrial light

The kids bedding will be changed up in the next week or so and I can’t wait to share that will you very soon!

So what do you think about this DIY industrial light?  I love it, the boy loves it and the hubs thinks it looks like it belongs in a jail! You can’t win them all I guess;)


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