DIY canopy

DIY canopy

I was struggling as to what to put in one of the corners of my daughter’s room.  Her room is very small and space is at a premium.  However, I wanted her to have a space where she could play and enjoy.  So when I came across the blog Zevy Joy (this post) and saw the DIY canopy that she created, I knew that would be perfect!  She made her daughter’s just a little different so I did include the steps that I took to make my canopy here.  Besides, can there really be enough tutorials on how to make a DIY canopy out there?

I gathered the supplies:

-2 white curtain panels that I got from Marshalls

-ribbon, pom pom trim and twine

-large embroidery hoop (I already had like 4 of these in my basement)

-netting (I just used an old mosquito net cover for a stroller that I had laying around)

-I did use my sewing machine to attach the pom pom trim but you could use double sided tape for that step

DIY canopy I had this green pom pom trim left over from some curtain embellishments I did years ago.  I simply took the amount I had, cut it in half and sewed half to each edge of the curtain panels.  The trim does not go all the way down to the bottom but I was fine with that.canopy1
Once that was done, I took the screw out of the embroidery hoop that was holding the outer hoop together and I laced the hoop through my tab top curtains, making sure that the trim edges came together in the center (note: you need to pay attention to which edges will have the trim on them BEFORE you sew them on. Sew the trim on the right side of one curtain and the left side of the other.)

DIY canopy
canopy2Then I tied 4 strings of twine to the inner hoop at 12, 3, 6, and 9:00.

DIY canopyNow its time to place the inner hoop inside the larger outer hoop that is holding the curtains.

canopy5 DIY canopyI did not get photos of the next steps, which were to place a hook in the ceiling where I wanted to hang the canopy, attach some battery operated Phillips Dew Drop lights from the twine and simply throwing the netting over the top of the canopy and hanging it from the hook.

(You can find my post about the yarn art here.)

DIY canopy
DIY canopy DIY canopyI have the rocking chair positioned in the canopy right now because there is just no where else to put it.  My daughter still likes to be rocked for 5-10 minutes (I am not complaining;)) before bed so that is where it will stay until she is done with it.  When she does not need it anymore, I will remove it and place a bunch of pillows on the floor.

DIY canopyDIY canopyI put this up when she was gone and when she came home, she said, “Oh, I love it!  Its so pretty!”

DIY canopyAnd there you have it!  A DIY canopy fit for a little princess;)

See the gallery wall above the bed here.

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