DIY basket light

DIY basket light

This DIY goes right along with my love for basket walls and swag lights because it combines the two!  I have made some changes in a corner of our kitchen recently (more to come on that soon) and I wanted a cute accent light to help make the area look complete.  The plan is to have my dad install some recessed lights in our kitchen sometime this year so I did not need it to give off a ton of light but I needed more of a “night light” of sorts.  I have been seeing lots of basket lights on Pinterest so I thought I would try my hand at my own version.  Keep reading for the full DIY basket light tutorial.

DIY basket light

Supplies you will need:

-swag light kit (I bought mine at World Market years ago and never used it.  I ended up wrapping it with some twine because I did not like the silver cord.)

-rope (I got this rope from Michaels)

-basket (I got mine from Target but obviously there are tons of options out there.  I would just recommend staying way from any baskets that have wire or metal in the base as you are going to have to cut a hole for the light kit.)

-light bulb (I used an LED light bulb)

-utility knife

First, I unscrewed the circle flange from the swag kit.  Then I placed the socket on the underside of the basket where I wanted it.

Then, I outlined the light kit with a Sharpie.
DIY basket light

It was not quite centered so I made some adjustments when I cut out the center with the utility knife.  I was then able to slide the light kit through the hole.

Next, I turned the basket over and this is what it looked like.
DIY basket light

Now you will screw the circle flange back on the socket.

DIY basket light

The light kit is now secured to the basket.  Next, you will screw in the light bulb and then all you have to do is hang it.

I then added the thicker rope around the twine wrapped cord for some extra weight and visual interest.

DIY basket light

And now I have a cute accent light that greets us when we walk in the door!  I think I am going to put this on a timer and then I won’t even have to turn it on and off.  What do you think of my DIY basket light?

DIY basket light


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