Coffee Bar

coffee bar

I could (and have) spent hours on Pinterest searching example after example of coffee bars.  Plain and simple, I love them.  Therefore, I had to have one.  And I had the perfect spot in the corner of my kitchen just waiting for me to make it pretty and more functional.  I cannot wait to show you my new coffee bar!

Previously, this corner of our kitchen housed our dog kennel.  Several years ago, we tried to make it more functional by putting a table over the kennel and then added an old desk top for more storage.  It worked pretty good for many years.  It hid the kennel and added some storage.


But then life happened and we just started piling junk on the table and filling baskets until they were overflowing.  The storage was not quite adequate and I wanted to be able to store our liquor, bar glasses and have a coffee bar.  Turns out that was too much for this area to handle as it was.  Also, we had to say goodbye to our beloved family dog in February which meant that we no longer needed to have her kennel in that corner so we were free to change that area completely.

The first step in this transformation was to remove the old desk top and install a free set of upper cabinets (thanks to my Aunt and Uncle!) that already had glass inserts.  All I had to do was paint them, add some cove molding on the top and switch around the way that the inner corner door swung.  Here is what this area looked like after that was done.

Next, I needed to decide what I wanted to do for storage under the cabinets.  The table that was there, although it had a nice huge drawer, offered no other storage and just looked odd under the new cabinets.  So out it went.  I was thinking about getting some lower cabinets and then tiling the wall between the upper and lower cabinets to match what will eventually be the backsplash in the rest of the kitchen.  I also wanted to incorporate the trash storage in there.  Until I just could not find what I was looking for either brand new or second hand.  And I was getting impatient to get this area functioning better.

Then I saw this dresser and thought it could be a perfect fit under the upper cabinets.  It was the perfect scale and size.

So I bought it ($55) and brought it home to work some magic.  I sanded it down, white washed the bottom, applied butcher block oil to the top and changed out the hardware.  I moved it into the kitchen under the cabinets and set up my coffee bar on the top.

coffee bar

The dresser adds some much needed storage and takes up less space than the previous table.  The top of the dresser offers enough space for the Keurig, mugs and glass containers with coffee, tea and cocoa.

coffee bar

This little jar of sugar cubes is no longer here.  I looked over at the coffee bar last night and saw one lonely sugar cube in the jar.  Bringing me to the realization that my children and the other kids we had over this weekend were helping themselves to the sugar cubes.   That explains a lot, actually.  This was confirmed when I confronted my 3 year old about it.  She confessed to the offense and threw everyone else under the bus with her.

I got the calendar clipboard in the Target dollar spot this past January.  The chunky frame around the calendar was found and the same time I bought the dresser at the thrift store.  The basket light is a DIY and you can find the tutorial here.  I ordered the letter board from The Letter Exchange Co during the black friday sales this past Thanksgiving.  The glass jars are from the craft store and I painted some rectangles on them with chalkboard paint.  The tray behind the jars and the mug tree are from Hobby Lobby.

The plan is to have my dad install some recessed lights in the kitchen this year.  Then this area will not be so dark,

coffee bar

I am still thinking about possibly tiling the wall between the dresser and upper cabinets.  What do you think?  Also, I really need to find a new trash can.  We have had that one for 12(!) years!

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