Coffee bar update

coffee bar update

I feel like I am just crawling through January.  Not even walking.  I am in a total funk and it has been tough for me to get inspired and motivated.  Couple this with the below freezing temps and that it gets dark before I get out of work, and I got a full blown case of the blues.  On top of that, we said goodbye to our cat of 19 years last Friday.  In case you are counting, that is two pets in one year we said goodbye to!  Super sad face emoji going on over here!  

If there is one thing that actually helps lift me out of a state of blues or makes me feel better when life hands me a case of the yucks (You know what I am talking about.  Sometimes life just leaves you feeling “yucky.”), it is creating something.  In particular, it is making our house feel more homey and cozy.  I have come to realize that this is my most effective coping mechanism.  In fact, there are some projects I have done in my house that I can just look at them and pinpoint exactly what I was feeling when I did them.  Is that weird?  Probably.  But the simple act of creating and having a tangible, visible change in my surroundings has made all the difference in getting me back on track.

Our coffee bar is an area that I created after we had to say goodbye to our dog last year.  Previously, this area housed the kennel with a table and cabinet unit above it.  Once our dog was gone, we no longer needed the kennel there and we needed more storage and better functioning upper cabinets.



coffee bar

It was a dramatic improvement with better storage and a coffee bar area.  But I have been feeling like there was something not quite right with this area.  I wanted a change and I knew I needed to do something to the wall.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to plank it, paint it or do some sort of faux finish.  Drawing inspiration from Pinterest, I had a plan.



I was drawn to the contrast that the black created.  Now, I am no stranger to black walls.  Our guest room has black walls already and I had a black chalkboard half wall in our living room for a while.  I didn’t want to have to run to the store for black paint so I used the 2 half cans of chalkboard paint that I had in our basement.

Coffee bar update

I decluttered the top of the cabinets and pared down what I had going on on the coffee bar.  It now feels fresh and new!  The new wall color helps tie in the black pendant light over the island and the black buffet that we have in the adjacent dining room.

Coffee bar update

The garbage can was moved and I put the hooks under the DIY basket light.  So much better!

Coffee bar update

This little lantern with twinkle lights help combat the post Christmas decor take down hangover.

coffee bar update

I am telling you, a few strands of twinkle lights in unexpected places go a long way to adding a some light and joy on these dark evenings.

I had this wall painted within 4 hours of leaving the vet last Friday.  It completely relaxed me and gave me something else to focus on for a little while.

coffee bar update

Do you like our coffee bar update?  What do you think about having black wall(s) in your house?


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