Christmas Entryway

Christmas entryway

Last weekend, a friend and I took a road trip (no kids!) to MN for some shopping therapy.  We stopped at an outlet mall, Dairy Queen for ice cream, Mall of America and ended up at the house of some friends where we laughed and talked and had plenty adult beverages.  The next day, we headed over to a barn sale, Whimsy Green, where we shopped for amazing Christmas decor made by 4 talented and crafty sisters.  (You can check out the Whimsy Green fb page here.)  I picked up some pillows and a few signs.  By the time I made it back home, I was itching to get my Christmas decorating going.  Especially my Christmas entryway.

There was one sign in particular I NEEDED to get and I was lucky enough to snag two (one for myself and one for a friend).  I knew EXACTLY where I wanted to put it.  I wanted it above the board and batten in my entryway.

Christmas entryway

Oh man, I love it SO MUCH!  It’s perfect!


I can’t get enough of garlands.  Garlands with pom poms or tassels or acorns or banners with letters, they are all welcome here and they are all my friends.  You will see them everywhere in my house.

christmas entryway

Also, strings of battery powered lights.  They make everything brighter.

christmas entry

And small trees.christmasentry4

(Rogue blueberry photobomber)

Christmas entry

And Christmas pillows.  Or any red, grey, white or fur pillow.

christmas entry

And lots and lots of Target dollar spot items like the scarf on the bench.

Also, I totally just found my stack of Christmas CDs so that is blaring in the background (the hubs is NOT impressed by this.  Pure torture for him.)  As you can see, I haven’t stopped my Christmas decorating in the entryway.  I will give you a peek in the dining room another day.  Until then, I hope you enjoyed a look at our Christmas entryway!  Now, I have to go find that rogue blueberry…

christmas entryway


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