Chalkboard Moon Tutorial

chalkboard moon tutorial

Today I am sharing how I made my chalkboard moon over our buffet for our upcoming Halloween party.  I saw a chalkboard moon on Pinterest but then when I clicked on it, it led me to a site that no longer existed.  So I did a little more in depth chalkboard moon tutorial here.

If you read my last post, you already saw my finished chalkboard moon above our buffet.

Chalkboard moon tutorial

My DIY chalkboard got a new home above my buffet this fall, just to try something different.  I really like it there (for now)!  I wanted to create some art on the chalkboard for our upcoming Halloween party and a moon paired with some plastic bats seemed perfect!  Without further delay, here is a quick step-by-step chalkboard moon tutorial:

  1.  Draw a circle.  I just free handed mine (because I am lazy) but you could trace something or use a pencil with a string attached to a piece of chalk to help you draw a perfect circle.  But I say just free hand it, perfection is for the birds!chalkboard moon tutorial
  2.  Draw a few smaller circles and other shapes which will be the “shadowy” areas.chalkboard moon tutorial
  3.  Color in the moon, minus the “shadowy” areas.chalkboard moon tutorial
  4.  Blend your scribbles with your finger.chalkboard moon tutorialchalkboard moon tutorial
  5.  Add some more chalk to some areas to give you some varying shades of white within the moon.  I did this by adding some star shapes to some areas.chalkboard moon tutorial
  6.  Blend these areas with your finger.chalkboard moon tutorial
  7.  Stand back and look at your moon and make sure that your “shadowy” areas don’t resemble anything inappropriate.  Mine was a little borderline so I colored in some of the “shadowy” areas and blended it with my finger to get my final result.chalkboard moon tutorial

chalkboard moon tutorial

I feel like a chalkboard is the perfect medium to create a moon.  It was so easy!  Let me know if you try one and how it turns out!  My Halloween party decor post can be found here.



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