2017 Advent Calendar + printable


Hey!  I took a little blogging break as we were busy having a super fun fall!  It has been jam packed with activity but we had so.much.fun.  I have the week off and I have been working on getting the house Christmas ready.  We will be doing an advent calendar again this year and I wanted to show you where I put it and how I put it up.  I am also going to link to the free printable that I created last year (which I used again this year).  Without further ado, here is my 2017 advent calendar + printable.

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Down syndrome awareness

Did you know that October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month?  There is a very good chance that if I didn’t know Kaiti and Harper, I would not know this.  But I do know Kaiti and Harper.  So I am very aware of this.  I went to high school with Kaiti and we played hockey together.  But we didn’t really become close friends (and eventual business partners) until after we graduated from college and when we started having kids.  I remember when she told me that her baby might have Down syndrome.  And then I remember waiting and waiting and waiting to hear from her the day she had her 20 week ultrasound with Harper.  I remember her response.  And I remember mine.  Ever since then, Down syndrome has been a regular part of my life.

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Lularoe Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy here.

Do you like clothes?  Great, you are in the right place today!  I love clothes.  Especially soft, comfy clothes.  But soft, comfy and stylish clothes?  Well, that sounds almost too good to be true.  But, its not!  

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Toddler girl room inspiration

My little lady turned 2 in February.  And if I remember right, her big brother started to try to climb out of his crib at 2 1/2 years old.  Seeing as the little lady performs all her own stunts, I am anticipating she will be ready to start escaping her crib in the next few months so I am gathering ideas and inspiration for her toddler girl room makeover.

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