New Year’s bar cart


I recently bought myself a bar cart and it is my new favorite decor item.  I am having more fun than I should styling it and stocking it for the holidays.  For Christmas, I had a small gold tinsel tree with twinkle lights.  Since I just took down my Christmas decor, it needed a re-style.  We won’t be having a party at our house for New Year’s Eve, but I styled a New Year’s bar cart anyway.  Of course I would.

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New Year’s Eve with kids

New Years Eve

I don’t know about you but I am pretty sure that the week between Christmas and New Year’s is for sleeping in, eating Chinese take out and sushi and watching movies.  So that is just what I have been doing and it.has.been.amazing.  Now we are closing in on New Year’s Eve fast.  I have always loved New Year’s Eve ever since I can remember.  My parents hosted rocking parties with all their friends every NYE and it was such a fun time!  In fact, I love NYE so much, the hubs and I got married on NYE.  

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