Chalkboard Moon Tutorial

chalkboard moon tutorial

Today I am sharing how I made my chalkboard moon over our buffet for our upcoming Halloween party.  I saw a chalkboard moon on Pinterest but then when I clicked on it, it led me to a site that no longer existed.  So I did a little more in depth chalkboard moon tutorial here.

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Halloween Party Decor

Halloween decor

As a child, Halloween was magical (even in the rain/sleet/snow that seemed to be inevitable in late October in WI in the 1980s).  I almost always dressed up as a witch or a ballerina.  Except for 2 years:  one in which I was Cyndi Lauper and the other I was “the daughter from Beetlejuice” (I was in 4th grade and I am positive no one had a clue who I was).  I am pretty sure my brother dressed up as a vampire 8 years straight.  So I guess we were not the most adventurous in our costume choices.  Which was probably pretty annoying for my mom since Halloween is her favorite holiday.  I bet she would have loved hunting down the perfect pieces for new costumes every year!  She always decorated our house for Halloween.  I always loved to see what Halloween decor she was going to come up with each year.

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Halloween Mantle

halloween mantle

I don’t always put up Halloween decorations.  However, my kids LOVE Halloween and we will be hosting a family gathering this weekend, so why not?  I was not going to go too crazy, I mean my hubs and kids already did a fair amount of Halloween crafting and decorating.  But I thought a spooky Halloween mantle and a few touches in the entry way would be perfect (plus I really could not let the hubs and the kids outdo me;)).

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Friday Favorites

friday favorites

I am back with another Friday Favorites post. This is where I talk about the cool things I have seen on the interwebs or real life that I love or can’t live without or that made me smile. Here we go.

If you follow me on IG, you have already seen some of my new favorite things. But let’s get into a little more detail, shall we?

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