Christmas Entry and Dining Room

Christmas entry and dining room

I was going to do a whole first level Christmas tour.  But I took way too many pictures so I decided to break it up and do two posts, Christmas entry and dining room and Christmas kitchen.  I am going to start with the Christmas entry and dining room.  Get comfortable because there are lots of photos coming your way!

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Fall Entryway

Fall entryway

It is a little early to find some real pumpkins but I thought I could still get a little fall infused into my entryway.  Our entryway is one of my favorite areas to decorate.  It is the first area that guests see and it is also the area that we see every morning after we wake up and go downstairs.  So I like to have that area looking cute.  But it is not big by any means, so I need to avoid clutter or it will not function properly.  About twice a year, I do a little purge of this this area and get rid of shoes and coats that the kids have grown out of and purge other random stuff that landed here.  Once that was done, I did a few minor updates to create our fall entryway.

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Christmas Entryway

Christmas entryway

Last weekend, a friend and I took a road trip (no kids!) to MN for some shopping therapy.  We stopped at an outlet mall, Dairy Queen for ice cream, Mall of America and ended up at the house of some friends where we laughed and talked and had plenty adult beverages.  The next day, we headed over to a barn sale, Whimsy Green, where we shopped for amazing Christmas decor made by 4 talented and crafty sisters.  (You can check out the Whimsy Green fb page here.)  I picked up some pillows and a few signs.  By the time I made it back home, I was itching to get my Christmas decorating going.  Especially my Christmas entryway.

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Entryway updates (and a sneak peek of fall)


Ok, I must confess:  I started decorating for fall in mid-August.  There. Now you know.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  But before I started decorating for fall, there were a few entryway updates that happened that I want to share.  They may seem like no big deal but I think it is important to remember that change happens slowly.  It is rare that we can ever get everything that we want to do done at once due to time and money constraints.  But each update is an important part of the journey in order to reach the final destination.

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