Chalkboard Moon Tutorial

chalkboard moon tutorial

Today I am sharing how I made my chalkboard moon over our buffet for our upcoming Halloween party.  I saw a chalkboard moon on Pinterest but then when I clicked on it, it led me to a site that no longer existed.  So I did a little more in depth chalkboard moon tutorial here.

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Fall Window Seat Update


One of my favorite spaces in our house is our window seat that I designed and my dad built.  The window seat was installed in March so I have not gotten to change it up for fall or Christmas.  Until now.  It is mid-August and there is a slight chill in the air in the evenings here in WI (despite it still being grossly humid during the day).  Naturally, the bin of faux pumpkins, fall pillow covers and wheat were whispering my name.  Plus, I like to switch things up a lot and I was getting bored with looking at summer version of the window seat.  It was time for a fall window seat update. 

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DIY desk and shelving unit

DIY desk and shelf unit

August is upon us (how did that happen??) and it has me getting my home and kids geared up for fall and a new school year.  This means I am purging clothes, toys, books and re-organizing.  It also wanted to incorporate a desk area for my son, whom will be starting the 1st grade (WHAT?!?!)!  I wanted to create a small desk for homework and art in an underutilized area in his bedroom.  Originally, I was going to build a desk and shelving unit with wood and industrial metal pipe.  But I quickly realized that the cost and time required to implement my design would have been more than I was willing to commit.  So, not one to be discouraged, I thought up a new idea and design and got to work on creating his DIY desk and shelving unit.

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DIY Modern Trivet

DIY modern trivet

Yes, I am still here:)  I have taken a little blog break to enjoy the summer and boy have we ever been enjoying the summer!  And if I am really honest, I have not been feeling the most creative and motivated lately.   But I am trying to get back into my groove.  And what better way to tap into some creativity than with a little DIY modern trivet.  

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Sharpie Backsplash

Sharpie backsplash

We finally got our last appliance replaced!  It all started with replacing our old yellowing refrigerator about 3 years ago with a sparkling new stainless steel refrigerator.  After that, we decided to move our microwave off the counter to free up more counter space and we bought a stainless steel, over-the-stove microwave.  Then we replaced our white dishwasher with a stainless steel version.  When we revamped our kitchen island, we added a stainless steel wine fridge.  And finally, last month we replaced our very old stove/range that did not have a functioning largest burner for the past few months.  Throughout this process, I painted the cabinets white and planned to get a new countertop and install a backsplash.  Unfortunately, the counter top and backsplash improvements keep getting put off for other, more necessary updates to our home.  And it looks like they will continue to get put off until our deck is replaced.  So I have to live with our current countertop and lack of backsplash for a bit longer.  Our new stove/range does not have a back panel so there was an issue with the backsplash that I had to find a quick, cheap fix for.  My solution?  A sharpie backsplash.

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