Coffee bar update

coffee bar update

I feel like I am just crawling through January.  Not even walking.  I am in a total funk and it has been tough for me to get inspired and motivated.  Couple this with the below freezing temps and that it gets dark before I get out of work, and I got a full blown case of the blues.  On top of that, we said goodbye to our cat of 19 years last Friday.  In case you are counting, that is two pets in one year we said goodbye to!  Super sad face emoji going on over here!  

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Coffee Bar

coffee bar

I could (and have) spent hours on Pinterest searching example after example of coffee bars.  Plain and simple, I love them.  Therefore, I had to have one.  And I had the perfect spot in the corner of my kitchen just waiting for me to make it pretty and more functional.  I cannot wait to show you my new coffee bar!

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