Chalkboard Moon Tutorial

chalkboard moon tutorial

Today I am sharing how I made my chalkboard moon over our buffet for our upcoming Halloween party.  I saw a chalkboard moon on Pinterest but then when I clicked on it, it led me to a site that no longer existed.  So I did a little more in depth chalkboard moon tutorial here.

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Upcycled Green Chalkboard

green chalkboard

We made a few changes to our living room recently in the form of new carpet and a new sectional sofa.  In the process, I needed to remove the door that normally would close off the living room to the stairs going up to the dining/sitting area.  In the past, we actually liked having that door to either trap corral the kids when they were little in the living room and/or keep the dog out.  Now that the kids are older and the dog is gone, we didn’t really have much need for the door.  And after the carpet and the new sofa was in, I was really loving having that doorway open.  So we had this big hollow core door that we were going to have to get rid of.  After finishing the bonus room in the basement, I knew that I wanted a large green chalkboard down there for the kids (ok fine, for me to decorate).  So I decided to upcycle the door to make a giant green chalkboard.

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DIY Chalkboard Sign

DIY chalkboard sign

You have them.  Trust me, you do.  You know, those areas in our home that just cause you to sit back and scratch your head and make you think, “Now what do I put there?”  I am no different.  Mine lives in our huge dining room.  We have a small seating area and behind it is a wall that has stumped me for as long as we have lived here (11 1/2 years).  The problem is that it is an odd shape since there is a cut out where the stairs going down to our living room live.  I have had shelves and various gallery walls and bookshelves and nothing and none of it I was 100% happy with how it looked.  So I decided to try out a DIY chalkboard sign.

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