DIY Blanket Ladder

pallet project

Our bedroom really needed something in the corner between the long, low dresser and the bedside table.  The only problem was, I really had no clue what to put there.  It was too small for a chair or bench and it really needed to have some height.  So I didn’t put anything there for months and months.  Until today.  I had this idea to build a quick, rustic blanket ladder with wood that I already had on hand.

So, I grabbed 4 pieces of pallet wood and I miraculously had 2 1X3s (or maybe 1X2s?  I am not sure which) from some other recent project.

ladderThe long pieces were too long so I cut them down with my handy jig saw (which is my power saw of choice and what I use on just about every single project).  I think I cut them to about 6′ tall.

Next, I plugged in my trusty air nailer.  I laid out the ladder and put my rungs (pallet wood) about where I wanted them.  Then I applied wood glue on the back of the pallet wood and used my air nailer to nail the pallet wood to the longer pieces.

ladder1 ladder2And literally, that is it.  I didn’t paint it, stain it or even clean the wood much.  But the options are endless depending on the look you are going for.  I knew I was going to put it in my bedroom so I wanted it rustic.

And FYI, if you have little kids make sure you find them and introduce them to the “new ladder that they cannot touch.”  My 5 year old son saw it and in the same instant he saw it, he started trying to climb it.  GAH! ladder7ladder4

blanket ladderOf course, I could not just leave it alone after hanging a few blankets (the bottom blanket is one we recently bought on our Vegas trip in January).  I scoured my house for some other detail to add and found a small tin bucket, strung it up with twine and placed a faux plant in it.  I love faux plants.  I can’t kill them.

blanket ladder

Thats it!  Easy, functional and decorative blanket ladder!

blanket ladder









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  1. Love, Love your ladder!!! just what i been looking for but the ones i have found very expensive. yours is absolutely beautiful; will tackle this project today!

  2. What kind of air nail gun do you have? I would like to get one, but I don’t know what to buy – it would be for house projects just like you used it for here.

    1. Hi Susan. My husband had gone out to buy an air compressor so we could blow up our kids’ new swimming pool and came home with a Craftsman Evolv and it happened to come with the air nail gun. He had no idea what he started….