Christmas Bedroom

christmas bedroom

No room is off limits for holiday decor at my house.  Holiday decor seeps into almost every space.  We don’t stop once the main living/dining areas are decked, we keep going until max saturation is achieved.  I especially love to add holiday cheer to our master bedroom.  I usually read for a bit before bed every night and it is so much more fun to do that with some festive twinkling lights nearby!  Here is what our Christmas bedroom looks like this year.

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Advent Calendar- free printable

advent calendar

This is the first year that I am doing an advent calendar with the kids and I am looking forward to it becoming a fun tradition!  At 6 and almost 3 years old, I think these activities will be really meaningful for all of us to do together.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to think of 24 activities that you would actually be able and willing to do but it is not as easy as you would think!  So I decided to make my version available for you as free printables (my birthday present to you:))!

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Christmas Entryway

Christmas entryway

Last weekend, a friend and I took a road trip (no kids!) to MN for some shopping therapy.  We stopped at an outlet mall, Dairy Queen for ice cream, Mall of America and ended up at the house of some friends where we laughed and talked and had plenty adult beverages.  The next day, we headed over to a barn sale, Whimsy Green, where we shopped for amazing Christmas decor made by 4 talented and crafty sisters.  (You can check out the Whimsy Green fb page here.)  I picked up some pillows and a few signs.  By the time I made it back home, I was itching to get my Christmas decorating going.  Especially my Christmas entryway.

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Rethinking Picture Frames-Ikea frame hack


If you are anything like me, you have about a million frames laying around.  At one time, I had pictures of family and friends on every wall and surface of my home.  Like, the same pictures.  For years.  Until I looked around and realized that my nieces and nephews were 5 years older than they were in the pictures in my home and new nieces and nephews had been born that never even made it onto the walls.  This did not happen because I did not have photos of them, but because I was literally too lazy to take the frame down, open up the back and place the new photo in the frame.  Little by little, I reduced and consolidated all the photos so I only had 1-2 gallery walls of photos.  Eventually, I took those down too.  But I still wanted to have some photos displayed.  So it was time to rethink my picture frames.  I came up with a pretty simple Ikea frame hack that will allow me to keep my wall photos updated.  I hope!

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Halloween Mantle

halloween mantle

I don’t always put up Halloween decorations.  However, my kids LOVE Halloween and we will be hosting a family gathering this weekend, so why not?  I was not going to go too crazy, I mean my hubs and kids already did a fair amount of Halloween crafting and decorating.  But I thought a spooky Halloween mantle and a few touches in the entry way would be perfect (plus I really could not let the hubs and the kids outdo me;)).

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