Halloween Bar Cart

Halloween bar cart

Halloween is creeping up and my bar cart is ready!  Bring on the costume parties!  The bar cart is obviously not for the kids but they still love rearranging the glasses, using the straws and stocking the waters for me.  They love seeing how this little area changes for the holidays.  Lets check out this year’s Halloween bar cart!

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Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorating

We are having another Halloween party this year so the kids and I got to Halloween decorating this past weekend.  We focused on the main level of our home when decorating for Halloween since this is the main area that we use to entertain.  Our decorations have been up for 3 days and we already ate all the candy corn.  I guess I will be adding about 3 more bags of candy corn to the grocery list this week.  I am going to be a responsible adult and limit us to 1 bag of candy corn per week until Halloween.

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Downstairs bathroom refresh

downstairs bathroom refresh

I recently did a downstairs bathroom refresh because we all need a little refresh now and then, right?  My surroundings affect my mood, I completely admit it.  So when rooms and decor start to feel stale to me, I have to change it up! 

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Kitchen update

kitchen update

FINALLY!  Our kitchen got the update I wanted to give it about 13 years ago when we first moved in!  Our kitchen update did not happen all at once.  It happened in steps.  Over time.  My plans for the kitchen update changed several times but I could not be happier with how it turned out!  So let me show you what we did!

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DIY Wood Mantle

Phew!  We have been vacationing like crazy this summer but are home for a few days.  I have two simple projects I really want to get done.  One of them is a DIY wood mantle.  I decided to get this one out of the way yesterday since I was able to find what I needed on hand.  I didn’t do a ton of step by step photos but I will talk you through it.

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